Legal Information

For our customers in the MARSOXX online shop, the following purchasing rules apply, which we must notify you about in accordance with Art. 246 EGBGB.

Annex 1

Example calculations for the right of revocation guaranteed to you:

Example calculation

Receipt of the goods and the instruction in text form by you

Period Beginning

Period End

Thuesday, 05.03.2013


19.03.2013, 12 pm






 If the end of the period falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline ends on Monday following this Sunday.


Annex 2 (Information according to Art. 246 § 1, Abs. 1 EGBGB)

1. Contracting party of the buyer is the following company:

The latest information can always be found at the following link on our website:



2. Essential features of the goods

Please refer to the individual product descriptions in our online shop for the main features of the goods offered by us and the period of validity of temporary offers.


3. Conclusion of the contract

The offers in the MARSOXX online shop are requests for the submission of a purchase offer by the buyer. You submit a binding contract offer as soon as you have gone through the online ordering process by entering the information requested there and in the last order step click the button "Order Paid". The confirmation of the receipt of the order does not constitute acceptance of the purchase offer. A purchase contract is only concluded by an order confirmation from us, but at the latest by your unconditional acceptance of the goods.


4. Performance reserve

The goods offered in the MARSOXX online store are available from stock. Should there be any restrictions in this regard, these are to be taken from the specific item description. There you may find the delivery times listed.


4. Delivery Caveat

The goods offered in the MARSOXX online store are available from stock. Should there be any restrictions in this regard, these are to be taken from the specific item description. There you may find the delivery times listed.


5. Total price of the goods

The prices quoted by us are final prices including taxes and plus shipping costs. For details, see the shipping cost information.


6. Details of payment and delivery

The purchase price has to be paid (depending on the chosen payment method) after order confirmation or delivery. The overview of the available payment methods can be found here.


7. Customer service

In addition to the statutory warranty claims no further customer service is offered.


Annex 3 (Information on General Terms of Contract and General Terms and Conditions, in accordance with Article 246 § 2 EGBGB)

You can always find the current version of our General Terms and Conditions on our website here:

Warranty and guarantee conditions

Terms of Service


Annex 4 (information pursuant to Art. 246 § 3 EGBGB)


1. Technical steps that lead to a contract

At any time you have the opportunity to view transactions such as orders, deliveries, invoices, payments etc. in your password-protected customer account.
The following steps explain in detail how to execute an legally binding order with MARSOXX. Please read this statement carefully before you buy.


You select the articles from our range in our online shop without any obligation.

If you have found the product you are looking for in our product range, you can place the product in your virtual shopping cart without any obligation by clicking on the shopping cart button, which is shown close to the product. At this point, neither a contract has come about, nor have you ordered anything.


Content of the shopping cart without obligation.

If you would like to view the contents of your current shopping cart without obligation, click on the shopping cart symbol, which is always at the top right of the website during your entire shopping process and also shows you the number of selected products.


Change article quantities, delete all or part of cart contents

If you would like to change the quantity of a selected article, enter the desired quantity in the field provided and press the "Update" button. If you want to delete items from your cart, just click the button with the cross symbol, which is located behind the listed item. You can change or delete all settings here. You have not bought anything at this point.


New customer registration and login with existing customer account.

Once you have found all the items you want to buy and have placed them in your shopping cart in the appropriate quantities, you can continue the ordering process via the button "Proceed to Checkout". Now you can log in with your customer login data. If you do not have any customer login data, you have two options here. Either you create a new customer account (we recommend this because only then you are able to track the status of your order at any time), or you can order from us without a customer account. Of course, you must also enter all the contact details so that we can send you the ordered items.


Selection of delivery and payment conditions

After successful registration or successful login, you will come to the next page in the ordering process. Here you can select the desired delivery and payment method without any obligation. After selecting the desired delivery and payment method, the shipping costs incurred will be displayed without obligation. You can change these settings at any time by re-selecting a different delivery and payment method.


Specification of a delivery address.

If the selected products are not to be delivered to your specified billing address, you have the option of specifying a different delivery address.


Confirm order.

The button "Continue to confirmation page" will take you to the confirmation page, where you can once again view all the details of your order without obligation. All costs incurred will be explicitly mentioned at this point. If you want to make changes, you can use the "Back" button.
If you want to complete the order, please read our terms and conditions and confirm them. Also read and confirm the excerpt from our terms and conditions  "Withdrawal / Revocation".


Complete Order.

Once you have confirmed and verified all information, you can obligate us to execute your order by clicking on the button "Order Paid".


Order successfully completed.

After confirming your order, you will be taken to a page where the order number will be displayed to you. Depending on the chosen method of payment, you will also see instructions for the payment processing. You will also receive a confirmation of the receipt of your order to your email account shortly after pressing the "Order Paid" button. This will include the information about the right of cancellation.


2. Electronic confirmation of the order

We will send a confirmation of receipt of the order immediately after receipt of the order by electronic means.


3. Storage of the contract details by the vendor (and the buyer)

The data required for the execution of the contract between you and us are stored by us and are accessible to you at any time. In that regard, we refer to the regulation of data protection in our terms and conditions. During the ordering process, you have the option of saving the contract texts and instructions as a pdf file. We recommend that you print all our regulations in the current form.


4. Recognition of input errors and their correction

Any input errors when placing your order, you can recognize on the final confirmation page before checkout and correct them with the help of the deletion and change function before sending the order.


5. Languages available for the conclusion of the contract

The language binding for the conclusion of the contract is exclusively the German language. All other languages are only available to help you with the understanding of our services.


6. Codes of conduct

Specifically, and not mentioned above codes of conduct, we are not subject to.