10 % Discount

... for you and your friends

If you have found a MARSOXX jewelry item that you like, you may know a friend you would like to do a favour and who would love to wear the same jewelry. Nothing is more fun than giving a good buddy something you like yourself.

To make it even easier for you to give away MARSOXX men's jewelry, there are 10% off the price of each additional item from the second, identical item you buy in the MARSOXX online store.


The first chain costs 25 euros.

You order the same chain twice.

Actually, this would cost 50 Euros.

We automatically deduct 2.50 Euros - you do not need to do anything else.

On your bill you will find only 47.50 Euros.

If you order even three chains, we deduct 5 euros and you would only pay 70 Euros.

 ... and now directly to a fair shopping at the MARSOXX online shop